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Payrolling is a highly specialized process and since it does not represent the Core Business of the companies, it usually generates administrative problems and therefore, higher costs and expenses.

With our accounting department we ensure that your company's operation will not be subject to fines, penalties and suspensions due to inaccurate payroll calculations.

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Our Payrolling service includes:

  • Employer registration with SAT
  • Registration of the company with the IMSS
  • Payroll according to employer requirements (weekly, biweekly and biweekly). biweekly)
  • Stamped Payroll Stamps
  • Monthly calculation of IMSS contributions
  • INFONAVIT & SAR Calculation
  • Settlement calculation
  • OCT calculation
  • Vacation premium calculation
  • Calculations of all additional incidents related to payroll (unpaid time, overtime, Sunday work, Christmas bonus, etc.).
  • Salary adjustments
  • State payroll tax calculations Payroll taxes
  • Calculation of the IMSS IMSS occupational risk premium
  • Annual adjustment of income tax withheld and disability benefits, savings fund and alimony payments
  • We report vacation days
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