60% of Mexicans look for jobs on the Internet

In Mexico, the main way to apply for a vacancy is through the Internet.

The study "Internet Job Search in Mexico 2021" conducted by the Internet Association (AIMX), detailed that more than 50% of candidates are looking for jobs on the Internet. Gone are the days of leaving C.V.'s at companies or checking the newspaper for vacancies.

In the study we can see that 62% of Mexicans search for jobs on their smartphones (59% men and 41% women) between the ages of 25 and 39. Of this number, 66% have installed a job board app and 55% check vacancies on social networks. As a bonus, 6 out of 10 candidates get an interview.

Eighty-five percent of job seekers already have a job, and of the total number of talented job seekers, 69 percent favor career development opportunities, 67 percent favor higher pay and 63 percent favor benefits.

Small companies offer balanced work environments (60%), home office (44%) and flexible hours (44%). Larger companies offer higher pay and better work tools.

The main labor exchanges are:



Three key points for happiness at work

Studies show that when workers are satisfied with flexibility, they are 2.6 times more likely to be happy.

We know the importance of having happy employees within our company, that is why organizations have been concerned about training the Human Resources area to achieve it.

A study conducted by the TecMilenio University found that when employees are satisfied, they are aligned with the organization's objectives, resulting in greater loyalty, productivity, higher performance and lower turnover.

And according to LinkedIn's "Global Talent Trends 2022" study, when employees are satisfied with a company's time flexibility, they are 2.6 times more likely to report feeling happy and 2.1 times more likely to recommend working at the company.

Universidad TecMilenio shares through its Educational Master in Human Capital Management program, three initiatives to promote happiness at work.

Provide attractive benefits.

An example could be to have a shorter work week, a half-day workday on Fridays, or simply to respect work schedules by eliminating overtime.

Bonuses and incentives for productivity, health insurance or paid training are also clear examples of attractive benefits for workers.

Focus on organizational development.

An excellent way to bring employees closer to the company is by understanding their needs, listening to them, valuing and applying their opinions. Creating a communication channel is not only highly valued by employees, but also allows them to be welcomed and made to feel in a safe space that contributes to their well-being.

Provide recognition and incentives.

Recognition will always be strongly linked to job satisfaction. When a worker sees rewards for his efforts and objectives achieved, he will be happier and will be more motivated to continue meeting his goals.

Keeping a collaborator happy is fundamental to have better results and meet the goals, if a company makes a worker happy, the worker will make the maximum effort.


The most requested documents to be hired

Always have documentation ready for any vacancy.

It is always important to have your documents ready and updated, that is why this list will help you to know which are the most requested documents when hiring you.

Birth certificate

Where is it processed?

At the Civil Registry

How much does it cost?

Resume or Application for Employment
Voter Credential

Where is it processed?

At the nearest INE office (by appointment on the website).
CURP (Unique Population Registration Number)
NSS (Social Security Number)

Where can I get it?

At the IMSS subdelegation nearest you.

Proof of studies
Proof of address
Letters of recommendation

Where do I process it?

In the page of sat.gob.mx or in any office of the authority.

INFONAVIT withholding notice


The seven most important elements to make a good resume

The C.V. is the most important tool as it is a reflection of your professional life.

With the new ways of applying for jobs online, the way of making and delivering resumes has changed. Now there are many tools that help you to design it but you have to take into account the following aspects.


You have to present yourself as a professional. Show who you are and what you can do.

Personal data

You must include: full name, home or cell phone number and an e-mail address where you can be easily contacted.


Here you will have to put your job expectations in the short and medium term, what activities you would like to perform and in which area you want to develop.

Professional Experience

This point is very important because here you will say if your knowledge and skills are suitable for the company. This information should contain: the company where you worked, your position, brief description of your activities and your achievements.

Academic background

The fact of having a master's degree, diploma or extra courses, will add weight and value to your resume to stand out from the rest. According to experts, it is not necessary to include high school or elementary school.


It is important to put how many languages you are fluent in. You have to describe the percentage in which you master the language. This is a big differentiator between people and can impact your salary.


It is necessary to put the knowledge and skills acquired, the competences that distinguish you, the software you master and the extra qualities.


Top 5 most important data for recruiters

Work experience and skills are the most valued aspects in the recruitment process.

Since the pandemic began, job search and hiring has undergone major changes. Expectations on both sides are growing and changing. For example, salary, job growth and development opportunities are essential parts of the equation.

The study "Internet Job Search in Mexico 2021", says that there are several changes in the search processes and there are changes in the expectations of candidates and recruiters.

The Internet Association MX commented that the five most relevant elements for recruiters are:

Work experience.
Aptitudes, skills and competences.
Last level of studies accredited.
Requested salary.
Place of residence.


Candidates are also looking to meet certain expectations when finding a new job.

Opportunity for professional development.
Work-life balance.
Work environment.

In the list of the most important elements, the level of work stress does not appear, but it is good to consider that many candidates take it into account and it was one of the most relevant points in recent years.


Main doubts about the "hybrid" scheme of work

The current global situation has forced companies to implement work schemes that were not common or frequently used before. The demands of these times lead us to think of alternatives that can work for us as a company and as a collaborator. The adaptation to these new processes may take a long time of adjustment and it will be a trial and error test to which modifications will have to be made for a better performance.


How to create a successful and impactful CV?

Has it ever happened to you that you send your CV applying for a vacancy, but you never get a response? That may be because your CV is not designed in the right way. It is necessary to capture the recruiter's attention in the first seconds he/she looks at your resume, that is why it must have an attractive design and a clear and concrete distribution of the information.


The benefits of headhunting

A headhunting service has as its priority the search for the best candidates for key positions such as management, directors and executives. The beginning of this practice dates back to the 50's and 60's of the last century, in the Human Resources companies in New York.


What are the differences between internal and external recruitment?

The recruitment stage is where you get to know the candidates, their professional skills and experience that can bring great value to the organization. The recruitment stage is where you get to know the candidates, their professional skills and experience that can bring great value to the organization.